08 November 2006

The Best Pork Tacos in Chicago and a Shameless Plug for my String Quartet

taco al pastor at Arturo's, yum!

Have you ever said to yourself that someday you would really like to start listening to more classical music?
Might you have also said to yourself that one of these days, you will really stop spending so much money eating out?

This Friday, you can begin to fulfill both of those resolutions, for only $4 plus the price of drinks. This is how:

Go to Arturo’s on Western and Armitage Avenues.
Nibble complimentary chips and fresh salsa.
Treat yourself to a flavorful taco al pastor.
Savor the flavorful meat that has been marinated, spiced, and vertically broiled on a rotisserie.
Take advantage of the fresh taco garnishes, which are always plentiful and delicious. Only the avocados cost extra. Totally worth it.
Sigh with pork-filled contentment, and roll on over to Danny’s.
Grab a drink from the bar.
Relax, sip your booze, and listen to a free concert by Quartet Parapluie.
Attend post-concert dance party.
Go back to Arturo’s for a post-dance-party taco al pastor.

wonderfully fresh and spicy salsa

Yes, you can find a less expensive pork taco in Chicago, but it probably won’t taste better than it will at Arturo’s. And yes, you can find a string quartet that’s better than Quartet Parapluie, but you’ll probably have to fork up alot of cash for tickets, and you certainly won’t be able to drink booze while you listen to the performance.
No fun!
Come and see us instead!

We’ll be playing Ralph Vaughan William’s String Quartet in G minor, and Maurice Ravel’s String Qaurtet in F Major. For fans of the movie The Royal Tennenbaums, the second movement of this piece was played at the very beginning of the movie when the family members were being introduced. You’d recognize the piece if you heard it…it begins with fast, joyful pizzicato (plucking of the strings)…it may very well be one of the most joyful beginnings to any piece of music ever written.

Pork tacos and Ravel in one night. Can life get any better?

Quartet Parapluie at Danny’s
Friday, November 11th, 2006 @ 8:30 p.m.
1951 W. Dickens, Chicago, IL

Arturo’s Tacos
2001 N. Western, Chicago, IL

the ceiling at Arturo's


aria said...

yes, if i were in chicago i'd be there. classical music tacos dance party, woot!

Annie said...

You're a musician! Awesome! And I was just wondering where to get good Mexican in Chicago. Thanks! I'd be there if I could. Break a leg.

Cherry said...

Chicago is definetly on the list of cities I'd like to visit for eating experiences and to take in the sites. I've been once in my adult life and only ate at one restaurant, Rose Angelis. That was a great meal (minus the cigarette smoke)

Lisa said...

Beautiful photos. I wish I could go listen to your quartet -- well, do the whole evening, actually, tacos included. Yummy for mouth and ears...

beenzzz said...

I love the photos. You're a musician? That's so cool! Music and food, it can't get any better than that. :))

Toni said...

Must. Have. Taco. I definitely need to try this place, the food looks great.

I know said...

Best Al pastor tacos are from Atotonilco on 26th street. I will, however, try this place you'll be at.