12 August 2008

Suck it, Anne Geddes.

OK so here’s Alice! I’m so sorry it took me so long to get a post up. I had planned to announce her birth right away by posting a photo of her giggling in the Dutch oven, all Anne Geddes style.

Well you may or may not know that two-week old babies don’t giggle, and they don’t like being put in pots, even when you promise them a big slab of ribs afterwards.

So that first photo shoot failed miserably, and had I posted photos of a wretched newborn punching herself in the face with fists clenched in sheer terror and betrayal, I would have gotten more hate mail from that one post than the Tyler Florence post and the parrot-eating post combined. And no one is emotionally stable enough to get hate mail for their baby’s birth announcement, so I put that project on hold until she seemed old enough to enjoy sitting in a soup pot, and also old enough to understand me when I told her if she was good, she would get a beer with her ribs.