30 October 2006

Two Ways to Ensure your Husband’s Eternal Love

Devastatingly Rich Dark Chocolate Cheesecake

Two Ways to Ensure your Husband’s Eternal Love:

1. Braise his dinner in beer.
2. Make him a cheesecake and put a pound of chocolate in it.

I’m pretty sure these techniques work. Not that I need my husband to love me more (I’m pretty sure he loves me more than I love him), but just in case…

Husbands love beer. I don’t know any husbands that don’t love beer, and I am presently going through the list of all the husbands that I know and I cannot think of one that does not love beer.
Husbands also like ribs. True love is guaranteed forever if you brown some short ribs in a Dutch oven, sautée some onions and other vegetables in it, toss in some rosemary and a bay leaf, pour in a bottle of beer, cover it up, throw it in the oven, let it braise for a few hours, take out the ribs whose tender meat is falling off the bones, brush the ribs with a rosemary-infused maple glaze, and put them under the broiler until their sweet, herby crusts are bubbling and crispy.

short ribs before braising

After you have eaten the ribilicious dinner and your husband has confirmed his everlasting adoration of your existence, present him with a devastatingly rich chocolate cheesecake that has more than a pound of chocolate in it, if you count the 9 oz. of chocolate in the cake, the 9 oz. of chocolate in the crust, and the 6 oz. of chocolate in the topping. Oh, Nellie!

Instead of typing out Molly Stevens' recipe for Short Ribs Braised in Porter Ale with Maple-Rosemary Glaze, I will refer you to her glorious cookbook, All About Braising. The reason I am not typing out the recipe is that you should go and buy this cookbook already. Ummm…also… I don’t want to get in trouble with Molly Stevens for giving away too many of her recipes. No one likes getting sued by their idol.

As for the deep dark chocolate cheesecake recipe, you can find it on Epicurious' website.
Again, I would type it out, but you can just as easily get it on their website, and I need to stop typing soon so that my devoted husband can paint my toenails for me.

Oh, by the way, if you have 30 husbands, this would be the perfect dessert, because with the right slicing technique, you can easily get 30 slices out of this cake. It is so chocolatively dense that even a man only needs the smallest sliver to fall head over heels in love with the baker of the cake.


Mae said...

30 husbands? lol.

The ribs sure looks great and chocolate cake too!

Kate said...

My husband does not like beer. Or wine. (that one HURTS! I love wine, and cry at the fact that I have no one close to share glorious bottles with!)

Well....he also isn't too much of a red meat eater. But I still love him. A lot. He's pretty great. Yes he is.

*sigh* But dark ales, hearty stouts and perfect Pinot Noir, Viognier and Schuerebe will just have to cross my tongue without much companionship. *sigh*

innommable said...

You're SO right about husbands liking Beer and Ribs!

Cherry said...

The mouth it waters.

aria said...

the beer, the husbands, the chocolate, the deep deep truths! ribs look so good, u have my eternal love too!!!

Helene said...

You are right on the money. With the wives, they enjoy more sophisticated rib dishes and chocolate desserts and with the boys it's all baout a pub, an ale and a plateof ribs...

shaz said...

hi there! Great work on your blog. I added your blog as a link on mine. Hope you dun mind. shaz, a fellow foodie blogger.

aria said...

how right you are! can you imagine having 30 husbands in the kitchen hassling you about dinner at once?! i'd have to give them each a drumstick while they wait. and if that doesnt work, a tazer.

Erielle said...

Thanks Mae!

Kate, I offer you my deepest condolences that you cannot sit down and enjoy a glass of Pinot Noir with your husband. Those are grounds for finding a new husband. Just kidding.

Innommable, thank goodness beer and ribs are so readily available.

Cherry, the thanks I give you.

Aria, I love eternal love!

Helene, the closest business establishment to our house is a barbecued rib joint, so it's easy to make my husband happy (actually I think I may have been there more times than he has).

Shaz, don't mind at all. I'll hop on over to yours right now.

Aria, but can you imagine the advantages of having 30 husbands? Think of all the birthday presents you would get!

Brilynn said...

I think I would love you too if you made this for me!

Travis said...

Hmmm. I wonder. Is the fact that I'm far from being the most dedicated beer drinker in the world part of the reason why I'm also not a husband?

Oh, yeah. Did you let your hubby choose the color to paint your nails? Just curious....

Lisa said...

OK, I am the one person whose husband is not fond of beer. :) However, you've got his number on the ribs and the chocolate, so all is not lost.

Those ribs look amazing. I love the whole post. Thanks!

Erielle said...

Brilynn, you wouldn't love me because it's so rich that you would get a stomach ache and then you would associate me with pain and then you wouldn't be able to love me.

Travis, well then you should drink more beer! Unless you don't want to be a husband, then you should drink less beer, no, wait, don't ever do that.
About the nail polish, I've been wearing the same shade since ninth grade, I think maybe even using the same bottle, so no. He didn't even paint my toenails for me. He doesn't love me.

Lisa, it's OK if your husband doesn't like beer. It's more money you can spend on yourself!

Anonymous said...

Well, mine hates beer, takes or leaves chocolate , and is a vegetarian , lol.

LOVE that comment "He loves me more" , cracks me the hell up.

mindy said...

yes it does look very delicious.....my hubby would prefer whiskey and would only take half of a half of the cake. my grandma always said the best way to a mans heart is through his stomach..so true. luckily i love to cook and he loves my cooking.