16 May 2007

Polenta Flipbook

Flipbook Instructions:

Print out the following photographs.
Use scissors to cut along the edge of each picture.
Stack the photographs into a booklet, making sure to maintain the same order as shown below.
Holding the lower left corner of the booklet with your left hand, use your right thumb to flip the pages quickly from front to back.
Watch the polenta in action, prepared like they used to in the countryside of Northern Italy!

Place a marble slab on the countertop.

Pour hot polenta over the marble slab and spread out evenly.

Spread it good, polenta man.

Spoon the topping over the polenta.

Sprinkle with parmesan shavings.

Painstakingly wait for polenta to harden from the coolnes of the marble slab. Sip wine and pretend to flirt with polenta man, but really, all you can think about is polenta.

The polenta has now cooled enough to be sliced into individual pieces.

Thanks, polenta man.

Behold the polenta at Enoteca Roma, a restaurant and wine bar that prides itself on its rustic preparation of polentaria. The dish is assembled in front of you, and you can literally see the polenta hardening on the marble slab while you wait for it to cool. The main course served atop my polenta was salsiccia e funghi, a savory mixture of crimini mushrooms and sausage...soon I will need to go back soon to taste the corvara (venison Bolognese and parmigiano) and quattro formaggi (Letizia's four-cheese sauce).

Although I do not consider myself a very good tinkerer in the kitchen (generally I need a recipe), I am considering a serious attempt to tinker away and try this technique out at home.

In the meantime, while you wait for me to figure out a decent recipe and post it, visit Enoteca Roma and taste their polenta. You might even see me there. I would be the one sneaking out the door with my new marble slab. Sssssshhh, don't tell polenta man.

Enoteca Roma
2144-2166 W. Division St.
Chicago, IL 60622


Cherry said...

I'm on a total polenta kick right now. I've made it at least 3 times in the last week, each time with sauce, ragout or topping to pour or spread over top.


I fixed it for my mom for Mother's Day. She had never had it before and it was a hit.

aria said...

how cool is his marble slab! what a show off :) looks delish...

Patricia Scarpin said...

This is the coolest polenta I have ever seen - I happen to have a granite piece at home (that I used to make chocolates and to knead doughs) and I think it would work wonderfully for this - Tks for sharing, Erielle!

Innommable said...

Oh, I really like Letizia's AND Enoteca Roma! Great little places, and now they have polenta! I'll have to try it!

Abbie said...

I love the flipbook idea! You so smart.

Toni said...

The nice thing about a reading blog from your very own city is that you can actually go to that place and eat the dish. I think I might have to do that.

Kate said...

ooooops...can u believe i've still not eaten polenta ? i've seen it all over on blogs in book , mags, tv bit somehow just havent made it.Next trip to the supermarket i will definately buy some !

Erielle said...

Cherry, I crave polenta! I only wish it tasted just as good without all that butter. Wait, since when did I start caring about copious amounts of butter intake?

Aria, it's too bad that marble slabs are so expensive. I would like to have 6 of them so that I could throw a polenta party.

Patricia, yes, use the granite! Let me know if you figure out a recipe before me.

Innommable, I actually just bought my first cookie from Letizia's the other day. I don't know why it took me so long. It was a simple sugar cookie, but so good, so good.

Thanks Abbie! You just let me know when you need more polenta. And some 2004 South Slope Walter Hansel Pinot Noir. That too.

So true Toni. I wish there were more Chicago food blogs!

Kate, make sure to get stone-ground corn meal...don't get the instant polenta. I've never made the instant stuff before but I hear it's not very good. If you want to read more about polenta before you make it, read Rob's post about polenta, it's very enlightening.

tammy said...

It's hard to sneak off with a marble slab. But with proper incentive...

rob said...

Damn that looks good. Mushroom and sausage is a great combination, and a proper bolognese would be out of this world.

Kate in the Kitchen said...

I am totally polenta challenged! I try it, and I am not sure it's working out, or it's gummy or it's goobery rubber or it's just weird.

Yes, polenta challenged, thats me.

Erielle said...

Tammy, maybe I'll just get lucky and find one in an alley or something.

Rob, I have been wanting to make a bolognese lately. Good suggestion!

Polenta Challenged, which recipe are you using? And what kind of polenta/cornmeal are you using? Do you use broth or water for the liquid? We'll get to the bottom of this!

kellypea said...

This looks absolutely delicious. My granite counter is so ready!