04 March 2007

And the Winners Are...

90 entries to drool over!
90 photographs of delicious things to eat!
90 foodbloggers sharing their love for food and photography!

Does My Blog Look Good in This? just might have reached a record number of entires this month! It just goes to show that the wonderful community of food bloggers is growing larger everyday.

Thanks to all who participated, and thank you thank you thank you to our judges, Fannie, Jen, Mae, and Nicole, who graciously accepted the fun yet challenging task of judging. We discovered very quickly that it is not an easy task to judge each photo objectively. Sure, it's easy to look at a photo and say "Yum, I'd eat that!", but it gets more difficult when you have to scratch your head and say, "Hmmm... the composition of this photo is more aesthetically pleasing than that photo, although I'd rather put this photo in my mouth than that photo, but on the other hand, that photo is so unique, and hmmmmmm...."
Thank goodness we have three different categories with which to rate each picture, so that each photo's strengths can be honored!

The judges and I have finally put our scores together, and amid the sea of beautiful photographs, some sure winners have emerged:


Blanc, Lait, Noir: La Mousse Tri-Choco by Stanislas at Blanc D'Oeuf, taken with a Canon 400D & Sigma 105 Macro f/2.8.



Coconut & Cardamom Candy by Gattina at Kitchen Unplugged, taken with an Olympus SP 500 UZ.


Chocolate Pudding & Meringue Spoons by Lara at Cook and Eat, taken with a Canon 20D.

Ginger Mint Tisane by Lynne Daley at Cafe LynnLu, taken with a Canon 5D with 100mm macro.

Entry #49: Orgasmic Mac-n-Cheese by Amanda &Tyler at What We're Eating, taken with a Canon Digital Rebel.


What a delightful collection of photographs!
Congratulations to the winners!

The rest of the gorgeous entries can be viewed in the gallery.
If you're hungry for more, visit Culinary Curiousity for the next round!
Winners, if you like, you can use one of these tags that Matt created for the competition.


Lynne Daley said...

Thanks to Fannie, Jen, Mae and Nicole, the judges, for choosing my photo a winner in the Aesthetics category of DMBLGIT February and thanks to you, Erielle for hosting the event. There were some awesome photographs and I'm sure the job was difficult.

Food Marathon said...

Maybe it's time that I stopped using my cameraphone to take pictures of food. I'm disgracing the art of food photography.

Elizabeth said...

nice job ladies! i love that you had a contest. it's interesting that all the top winners are fancy CHOCOLATE desserts. Just a coincidence or was there something in the air?

next time, i will submit on time!

Anonymous said...

An immense thank you with Fannie, Jen, Mae and Nicole for their availability, all the work which each photograph required to judge, and especially to have made ego the happy one gaining competition… And, naturally, I particularly thank Erielle with which I make a point of testifying all my admiration to have known created here “an unceasingly renewed art gallery” more app├ętissantes photographs of the moment… to have created a place of meeting for in love ones with culinary beauties… As for my designation like gaining February - my brain spent a small time before assimilating information completely! - it is with great pleasure that I receive this honor, more especially as it had joined together as well of other splendid more beautiful photographs there the ones as the others…

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the work put in the event, to you and all of the judges. 90 entries is a pretty big number! And a big thanks for choosing one of my pics! An honor when there were such great pics out there!

Nate @ House of Annie said...

There certainly was a lot of good competition out there. The pictures were all stunning and I don't envy the judges for the difficulty in choosing the eventual winners.

BTW, the link to the next DMBLGIT site should be fixed.


Anonymous said...

What gorgeous photos... there were so many to choose from and you all were right on with your selections! Great job and very good job hosting!

bazu said...

Thank you to you and the judges for hosting this month's contest! I love following it and seeing who the winners are. Of course, congratulations to all the winners.

One question- the link to this month's contest is not working... where can I go to see it?

Gattina Cheung said...

Erielle, thank you so much for hosting this wonderful event!!! All your time spent on write-ups and photo-gallery which allow me conveniently view every fantastic photo from others! Also thanks to Fannie, Jen, Mae and Nicole, I'm so happy for choosing my photo *big kiss*