06 May 2006

Bacon-Dill-Curry-Honey-Mustard Eggs That Are Deviled

Several days ago I experienced a violent craving for deviled eggs. Probably everyday I have at least a mild craving for deviled eggs, but that day, however, I decided to do something about it. And I was happy that I did. Wouldn't you be happy, too? Look at those eggs.

So this is sort of a different way to hard-boil eggs, but it works wonderfully everytime.
Put the eggs in a pot and cover (just barely) with water. Boil the water, and soon as the water starts to boil, put the lid on, turn OFF the heat, and let sit for 15 minutes. Then cool the eggs with cold water.
This way there will be no green yolks, which happens when the egg is too hot for too long. The iron in the yolk and the sulfur in the white combine chemically to make icky green iron sulfide. I don't know if iron sulfide is good for you or not, but it doesn't make your eggs look pretty.

Then, do you do what you normally do for deviled eggs, except that you need to mix the following beautifully random ingredients into the yolk mixture: fresh dill, curry, honey mustard, salt, and just a little bit of mayonaisse, so everything sticks together. I am sorry that I did not provide specific amounts for each ingredient. I am just not good at that. Besides, who am I to assume your individual preferences for more dilly tasting things or more curry-y tasting things?

Of course, everything is better with bacon, so before you start cooking the eggs, put some bacon in the freezer until it is hard but not frozen. In this semi-frozen state, bacon is 100% easier to chop than room temperature bacon. Go try it right now if you don't believe me.
Meanwhile, back to the deviled egg preparations...cook the bacon pieces in a pan and soak up the grease on a paper towel. Once the eggs are filled with the yolk mixture, you will
be ready to gingerly place bacon pieces on top of each deviled egg. Yes, you need to gingerly place the bacon pieces or else they fall off and then you have wasted the bacon, shame on you. When you are done with the bacon, garnish each egg with a small piece of fresh dill. Please garnish with love.


Sunshine said...

With regard to the imprecise or downright lack of measurements, I ask, "Who needs them?" Betty Crocker is tired. Even when I do use my $30 set of brushed steel measuring utensils, I end up scooping up a little more of this or that for "good" measure. But you have to admit, they sure stack pretty and are weighted nicely to feel like you got something for $30. Plus, we all BAKE now and then and know how important it is to be precise with those ingredients; a little more baking powder for "good" measure can grow a drop biscuit to gross proportion to the butter. Then again, we all could use another reason to have more butter...

I, too, crave deviled eggs which also brings to mind egg salad with Boston lettuce on pumpernickle which means I have to drive to a different market where they always have fresh pumpernickle. The problem is, they also have a Greek restaurant that I love and, once there, I end up enjoying flaming cheese and lamb dishes instead of the egg sald or deviled eggs.

Lastly, where in the recipe does it say to make the entire pound of bacon and enjoy 3/4 of it while making the Bacon-dill-curry-honey-mustard eggs that are deviled? Is that part of your secret family recipe? :-)

Anonymous said...

These are the best deviled eggs I have ever tasted! As I watched Eri making them, I was thinking they seemed pretty "firm" in comparison to the "Norwegian Deviled Eggs" that I am used to.

Tell you what...they are delicious! (Of course, anything Eri makes is delicious.) Try them and you'll never be the same!

Now...please post the recipe for those stuffed dates and the coconut cake!

Love you...

Anonymous said...

Awwwww...what a nice MIL you have!

Erielle said...

Sunshine~ Your post made me smile from ear to ear! I wish my smile was filled with bacon, but unfortunately is not. Next time I will make the remaining 3/4 pound of bacon and think of you while I am eating it.

Mother-In-Law~ I think the firmness of the eggs comes from my revulsion to mayonnaise and my refusal to put more than a tablespoon of mayonnaise in any recipe if I don't have to. Hooray for hating mayonnaise! I am glad you like the eggs. We'll make them again soon. And as soon as this heat wave goes away, you can bet I'll be wrapping dates in bacon and coconut-cake-baking away.

geekygrandma said...

Thank you for posting this...I'm going to try this recipe, but I don't have any dill, so I'm going to put in a tsp. or so of dill pickle juice instead to taste.